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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yinzers 1:1

at many times in each of our lives, we must find the motivation to push our energies and efforts to a higher level. Many times, this can be accomplished with mantra, video, wise counsel, righteous 3rd party cause. It can be achieved many ways, in the end, but the motivation must be lasting, must be constant, almost a living thing. Something that can hit you as well as push you. Smack you and pat you simultaneously. Motivation can be a difficult thing, especially long term. Many motivation can flame out, be supplanted by day to day nonsense, or other activities that governments, family or bills tell you are more important. For this reason. I am especially glad and thankful for the blessing that it my merciless LOONATIC of an ex sister-in-law, who has made it her infernal cause to buzz about the ears of my brother, my nephew(and my brothers son), my parents and all clear thinking folks with her endless plays at annoyance to get the endless supply of attention that she so desperately craves. The woman cannot get enough attention. and like Bart Simpson, she does not care if it good attention, say for giving to a charity, or bad attention for making a false police report that my brother had left my nephew in the middle of a busy street alone. This is but a link of the chain of event she has fostered on all that is mine and all that I love. this chain of misery includes, but is not limited to, *Drinking heavily while pregnant with my nephew *Kicking my brother so hard in the side of the head she created the genesis of Bells Palsy in my brother,(which fortunately was later reversed) *kidnapping my nephew from my brother and then filing a false police report of abuse against him, then filing an protection order based on the false report to keep my brother from his son as often as she could. *drinking heavily with my nephew in the car, while she was driving and being found by police in this state not once, but twice. *attempting to pick up my nephew from his school drunk, and acting belligerent when the attending authorities of the school would not allow her to take the boy. but, now, bless her. she has finally given me the inspiration to push myself to new glorious succesful heights. She has employed her soulless friends to report the falsehood that my brother had abandoned my nephew. and herein lies her continued ignorance. the alleged, 'anonymous' report was made to the attorney for my nephew in matters of the court. How could the alleged, 'anonymous' report come from anyone other than lori, or someone she knew, if the alleged, 'anonymous' person called my nephews attorney directly? OF course, My brother's ex wife was never accusued of thinking things through. When asked by me. prior to the majority of evil events she has perpetrated. "will you cease committing violence upon my family and go in peace with the blessings of the lord?" she simply said, "I know I've done evil things." she then hung up the phone, and proceeded to do more. So tonight, on the day of my knowledge of your latest lie. I swear to you, the following. I will work solely for this end. That you are exposed as the fraud you have lived. I will see that those which fail to see your evil, have to admit it simply due to the cost you have incurred(money and the worship of mammon being the only way you and your family communicate). In the end, all of your family will have to come forth to give funds to keep your fraud and lies alive. Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. You will cost so much in the end, that even the few, will cast out the one. I will assist in exposing your violence, your evil and your fraud and that it be associated with those in your family who seek the path of righteousness but ignore your evil while doing so.. and in so doing, All will be better for it. I will grow in him and his love because of my efforts to bring balance to you, and peace to my beloved family brother and nephew. When it is done, know that it was done both with the guidance of the lord and for the betterment of everyone involved. For your humility, for your acceptance of God as greater than you. For your family to see treatment for you is better than enabling you. For my nephew to have a chance in this world and to know what patience, peace, grace and blessing is. Not for my benefit, but for theirs. For my brother to know that your corruput family member on the Oakland County bench does not define the law but has betrayed it. I have seen the light and been given righteous purpose. NOW.. for the first time, I am on a mission from God, When your family rejects you and you are cast out for all of your ignorance, know that it was you insane hatred of yourself, your family, my family, your son, and everyone you've every interacted with that gave me the motivation and inspiration to go to greater heights. We are both survivors of brain cancer, so it will bring me great pleasure to give thanks to god to use the continued gift of life to demonstrate what gratitude and love really is by showing your the glory of true humility. You wanted more attention. Well you've got it... congratulations.