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This is the evolution of Mikey as created by the blessing of God. Witness shall be given to those gifts given by god during the course of this evolution. All praise to god.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Exodus of Mikey 1:2

In the time before the light, Mikey did spin tunes for several Radio stations that did not reward his efforts in any substantial sheckles. Mikey did this, because Mikey liked the sound of his voice too much, and was even more fond of the idea that people would be listening to the voice of Mikey in between commercials for SPOONERS ICE CREAM SHOPPE, THE LUTHERAN HOUR, and DAVE HALL CHEVY.
It was with joy that Mikey did hear the words of the LORD one early sunday morning during the airshift of Mikey when Mikey did speak to the Midnight shift masses of Lapeer County after "Howard Hoefliens, Saturday Night, Ride to Midnight"
The Radio Station that Mikey did offer his tribulation to was Adult Contemporary in nature. This caused Mikey to fall into the Abyss of Moutain Dew Addiction to keep his words and actions sharp while the on-air music and lyrics were dull and listless.
A call came in during the 3rd playing of a Phil Collins tune in the first hour of Mikey's shift. In this case, "Tonight Tonight Tonight" from Genesis, though still Phil Collins by default.
Mikey did answer the phone. The listener did speak.
"Wow, you sure have a sexy voice, what is your name." Mikey noted the voice sounded female.
Mikey did reply.
"Don't I say it 10 times an hour, isn't this a radio station?"
The listener did advise, "I wanted to be sure, a lot of people use different names, when they are on the air"
Mikey began to fall asleep as the 7 eleven bought Mountain was losing it insomniac powers, "Really, that's amazing, is there anything I can play for you?"
The caller got down to business, "Yes, I'd like to hear some Phil Collins, maybe Sussudio? and do you want to come to my house after work to have sex?"
At this moment, The voice of the LORD could be heard.
Mikey did gracefully advise the caller that an Emergency Broadcast situation had presented itself and she should turn on her tv. Mikey did hang up the phone.
Mikey did finish his shift, playing such sleepless classics as Taylor Dayne's "Love will lead you back", Bruce Willis' version of "On the Boardwalk" and Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street". Mikey then put in his two week notice and made plans to move to Chicago as the Lord had blessed him with instruction to do.

DoyouBlameme 1:1

Mikey had reflected on the misery of the masses for 40 days within the desert of El Cajon and San Diego.
These were darkened times.
Misery seemed to be commonplace amongst the masses, take as an example the t shirted wearing gentlemen driving a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria who took it upon himself to pull up next to Mikey in the left turn lane while Mikey did wait in the righteous Through lane awaiting the turning of the light from Red to Green.
The t Shirted man did say, in between beats of his Toby Keith cassette. "I'M GONNA PULL AROUND YOU CAUSE YOU ARE A SLOW POKE. DO YOU HEAR ME, BECAUSE YOU ARE A SLOW POKE!"
Mikey pondered.
In making love to the Wife of Mikey, being a slow poke was always rewarded with mutual satisfaction and appropriate kudos for Mikey.
In investments, slow, even handed decision making had mitigated losses during 1987, 2000 and again in 2007.
In baking, a slow cooked stew, was always better than a microwaved stew.
Yet here, Mikey stood on the brink of bloody conflict due to a similar belief.

Mikey paraphrased scripture after his window did roll down.
"If I've said something wrong, tell me what it is, Why do you strike me with a name like, "Slowpoke"? Isn't that a candy, or something?
The T shirted man did retort, "yeah, well that's what you are and I'm going around you when this light turns green.." Mikey did hear the verses of Toby Keith's "American Soldier" emanating from this crown victoria,which Mikey thought, from the smell of burning oil and sweet burn of anti freeze onto the running engine was less than 100 miles from a significant breakdown.
As the T shirted man would carry much tribulation in the days to come from this forthcoming breakdown, Mikey did give his blessing.
"Go in peace when the light turns green, but speak the word 'slowpoke' no more."

The light did turn green, and the tshirted man did go to his waiting fate.