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Monday, October 20, 2008

Chronicles of Mikey 1:3

In the time of revelation. there were those who stood on the firmament and denied the existence of the firmament.
there were those who were warmed by the sun and closed their eyes to the light of the sun to see the firmament upon which they stood.

These souls of denial walked the land stating they were of the people and for the people.


ran for the caves to hide from alleged oppressors and did not voice support, due to, "Viability"

Though role models would pass by these souls of denial:
Men like Henry the Fifth
Ben Franklin
John Hancock
George Washington
The Apostle Paul

each would ask the soul of denial. "This is America, who are you to determine what candidate is viable, or not?"

This particular soul of denial(having spurned the efforts of Mikey repeatedly to point out not only the source of the warmth this soul denial is warmed by, but the light that comes from this source as well)
Would simply say, "I will vote for the lesser of two evils."

So saieth Mikey, "With such stubborness, I will give you an additional choice."

The soul of denial did say, "What is my choice Mikey, you know I cannot vote for McCain as he is not conservative, nor can I vote for Obama, as he is a socialist, so I must sit home on my duff and do nothing, this is my choice. What additional choice will you give me"

Mikey continued" The father did give you this country and your life within this country, for these reasons you must vote for president, and not sit home. Your additional choice is this, and it comes from he who sent me. You may choose the place for my foot, either in your dorsal side, or upside your port bow. Or you can vote, and make no choice of where my foot shall land"

The soul of denial did say, "I have noticed the light, it comes from that which warms me, I will vote and spare your foot"

Mikey did grin, and the people did feast upon the joy of this choice


Blogger Bob Gardner said...

Mikey is wise.
Baldwin or Bust!

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