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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Revelation of Mikey 3:1

While walking past a Starbucks, as was often Mikey's way, Mikey did become aware of waving writings on the surface of a green umbrella covered table. These writings were tied with a bow.
as if to be a gift.
Mikey did read.

Ode to a fat fuck:

Fat Fuck Fat Fuck, how long will you grumble.
Sugar, red meat and butter are what always make you stumble.

You've gone from 3XL to XL but calories you pack.
Without a plan and a focus your pecs will soon be a rack.

Fat Fuck Fat Fuck, so much you do bitch.
You can't take off what you've put on by flicking a switch

Whine, piss, moan and complain.
Try diet after diet as if you were sane.

Buy a tall shirt, believe its because you're tall
And your gut will always remain your wall.

Pick those big boat feet of the ground, and take a new step.
and focus on action instead of pounds that you've kept.

You've been like an island and your hope has done bled.
in the end, its only your yap and denial you've fed.

Find a team, start the scheme, and read this again.
when what you want to look like now, is what you look like then.

Mikey did re wrap the poem and sat it down on the table. Mikey's tummy did rumbly but the words rang true and therefore the words did have purpose.
Mikey took his Whipped Cream Frappacino and threw it directly into the nearby Subway station.

Upon being told Mikey would have to clean this up, Mikey did run.


Blogger Bob Gardner said...

Ah, yes the perils of dieting.
For my part I find that weight watchers is about the best 'diet,' out there because it tracks cals, fat, and fiber in one few swoop.

Tell 'em Bob sent you.
Whole Wheat Lean Pockets for everyone!

9:21 AM  

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