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This is the evolution of Mikey as created by the blessing of God. Witness shall be given to those gifts given by god during the course of this evolution. All praise to god.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yinzers 1:1

at many times in each of our lives, we must find the motivation to push our energies and efforts to a higher level. Many times, this can be accomplished with mantra, video, wise counsel, righteous 3rd party cause. It can be achieved many ways, in the end, but the motivation must be lasting, must be constant, almost a living thing. Something that can hit you as well as push you. Smack you and pat you simultaneously. Motivation can be a difficult thing, especially long term. Many motivation can flame out, be supplanted by day to day nonsense, or other activities that governments, family or bills tell you are more important. For this reason. I am especially glad and thankful for the blessing that it my merciless LOONATIC of an ex sister-in-law, who has made it her infernal cause to buzz about the ears of my brother, my nephew(and my brothers son), my parents and all clear thinking folks with her endless plays at annoyance to get the endless supply of attention that she so desperately craves. The woman cannot get enough attention. and like Bart Simpson, she does not care if it good attention, say for giving to a charity, or bad attention for making a false police report that my brother had left my nephew in the middle of a busy street alone. This is but a link of the chain of event she has fostered on all that is mine and all that I love. this chain of misery includes, but is not limited to, *Drinking heavily while pregnant with my nephew *Kicking my brother so hard in the side of the head she created the genesis of Bells Palsy in my brother,(which fortunately was later reversed) *kidnapping my nephew from my brother and then filing a false police report of abuse against him, then filing an protection order based on the false report to keep my brother from his son as often as she could. *drinking heavily with my nephew in the car, while she was driving and being found by police in this state not once, but twice. *attempting to pick up my nephew from his school drunk, and acting belligerent when the attending authorities of the school would not allow her to take the boy. but, now, bless her. she has finally given me the inspiration to push myself to new glorious succesful heights. She has employed her soulless friends to report the falsehood that my brother had abandoned my nephew. and herein lies her continued ignorance. the alleged, 'anonymous' report was made to the attorney for my nephew in matters of the court. How could the alleged, 'anonymous' report come from anyone other than lori, or someone she knew, if the alleged, 'anonymous' person called my nephews attorney directly? OF course, My brother's ex wife was never accusued of thinking things through. When asked by me. prior to the majority of evil events she has perpetrated. "will you cease committing violence upon my family and go in peace with the blessings of the lord?" she simply said, "I know I've done evil things." she then hung up the phone, and proceeded to do more. So tonight, on the day of my knowledge of your latest lie. I swear to you, the following. I will work solely for this end. That you are exposed as the fraud you have lived. I will see that those which fail to see your evil, have to admit it simply due to the cost you have incurred(money and the worship of mammon being the only way you and your family communicate). In the end, all of your family will have to come forth to give funds to keep your fraud and lies alive. Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. You will cost so much in the end, that even the few, will cast out the one. I will assist in exposing your violence, your evil and your fraud and that it be associated with those in your family who seek the path of righteousness but ignore your evil while doing so.. and in so doing, All will be better for it. I will grow in him and his love because of my efforts to bring balance to you, and peace to my beloved family brother and nephew. When it is done, know that it was done both with the guidance of the lord and for the betterment of everyone involved. For your humility, for your acceptance of God as greater than you. For your family to see treatment for you is better than enabling you. For my nephew to have a chance in this world and to know what patience, peace, grace and blessing is. Not for my benefit, but for theirs. For my brother to know that your corruput family member on the Oakland County bench does not define the law but has betrayed it. I have seen the light and been given righteous purpose. NOW.. for the first time, I am on a mission from God, When your family rejects you and you are cast out for all of your ignorance, know that it was you insane hatred of yourself, your family, my family, your son, and everyone you've every interacted with that gave me the motivation and inspiration to go to greater heights. We are both survivors of brain cancer, so it will bring me great pleasure to give thanks to god to use the continued gift of life to demonstrate what gratitude and love really is by showing your the glory of true humility. You wanted more attention. Well you've got it... congratulations.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The revelation of Mikey 9/11/11

A reading from the letter of Mikey to Lynda the wise.
after completing both radiation and chemotherapy following the tumor that was skillfully carved out of my brain by the great Dr. David Cohen, it seems appropriate to contemplate the event fully.
One of the things I love about being American is the innate genetic code that allows all who care to listen to spit in the face of a worry like cancer and simply say, "whatever y'all" I will go on just fine. This is what makes us Americans instead of American'ts . It is the very thing that, if you choose to listen allow you to give and not only reive, to support when you otherwise just want to sit down. To enrich someone else when all you want is to be enriched. It is the very essence of the truth that all that is, is not all about you. It is about us all. And there in lies peace.
I can not recall a more delicious spiritual moment than the first sip of ice water after I regained consciousness following my surgery. It was absolutely glorious. The thing is. I have access to that water each and every day. It is all around me and has been given to us by that which is, all that is. I have heretofore clothed myself with gratitude and gratitude alone, especially on the occasion that I would otherwise like to whine. I give much thanks to those who have given me joy and wisdom over my days. In time I will write of each of you right here. That my gratitude may be preserved.
Thanks be to the father, the son and the holy spirit.
but that's me.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wisdom of Mikey 1:1

The tree to the fruit.

If you're like me, at all, you've had moments where a personality trait, tick, idiosyncracy, or habit continues to exist in your day to day affairs, although you've moved strongly against it.(both premptively and actively). You've read the books on how to change the tick, trait or habit, you've spun the discs, you've attended the seminars. AND STILL you reek of consistency.

Whilst railing against the thought forsaken man for the 644,333rd time after the thought-forsaken man had once again exhibited punbjab mediocrity regarding a relevant issue, like, making a clear decision that others could understand. Mikey was blessed with a moment of clarity priority mail from he that sent Mikey.

Your mother and father hated those they worked for, they told you how much they hated those they worked for, their parents hated those they worked for, and so on, and so on.

In fact, The skull of mikey did shine with blissful clarity as the sun did bounce off of it when Mikey did understand his entire childhood and formative years were spent listening to the grumblings of those who hate their keepers.

From the rule of Saint Benedict: Chapter 7
Holy Scripture, brethren, cries out to us, saying,"Everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled,and he who humbles himself shall be exalted" (Luke 14:11).In saying this it shows usthat all exaltation is a kind of pride,against which the Prophet proves himself to be on guardwhen he says,"Lord, my heart is not exalted,nor are mine eyes lifted up;neither have I walked in great matters,nor in wonders above me."But how has he acted?"Rather have I been of humble mindthan exalting myself;as a weaned child on its mother's breast,so You solace my soul" (Ps. 13[14]0[131][131]:1-2).

Mikey was blessed with the realization that he had exalted himself thinking that his parents had given him all he needed, and relied upon this knowledge with little regard for the unknown.

Mikey was also blessed with the thankfulness of that which had been given to him by his parents.

Mikey did pick up his roots and move to more fertile soil, nonetheless.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chronicles of Mikey 1:3

In the time of revelation. there were those who stood on the firmament and denied the existence of the firmament.
there were those who were warmed by the sun and closed their eyes to the light of the sun to see the firmament upon which they stood.

These souls of denial walked the land stating they were of the people and for the people.


ran for the caves to hide from alleged oppressors and did not voice support, due to, "Viability"

Though role models would pass by these souls of denial:
Men like Henry the Fifth
Ben Franklin
John Hancock
George Washington
The Apostle Paul

each would ask the soul of denial. "This is America, who are you to determine what candidate is viable, or not?"

This particular soul of denial(having spurned the efforts of Mikey repeatedly to point out not only the source of the warmth this soul denial is warmed by, but the light that comes from this source as well)
Would simply say, "I will vote for the lesser of two evils."

So saieth Mikey, "With such stubborness, I will give you an additional choice."

The soul of denial did say, "What is my choice Mikey, you know I cannot vote for McCain as he is not conservative, nor can I vote for Obama, as he is a socialist, so I must sit home on my duff and do nothing, this is my choice. What additional choice will you give me"

Mikey continued" The father did give you this country and your life within this country, for these reasons you must vote for president, and not sit home. Your additional choice is this, and it comes from he who sent me. You may choose the place for my foot, either in your dorsal side, or upside your port bow. Or you can vote, and make no choice of where my foot shall land"

The soul of denial did say, "I have noticed the light, it comes from that which warms me, I will vote and spare your foot"

Mikey did grin, and the people did feast upon the joy of this choice

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Exodus of Mikey 1:2

In the time before the light, Mikey did spin tunes for several Radio stations that did not reward his efforts in any substantial sheckles. Mikey did this, because Mikey liked the sound of his voice too much, and was even more fond of the idea that people would be listening to the voice of Mikey in between commercials for SPOONERS ICE CREAM SHOPPE, THE LUTHERAN HOUR, and DAVE HALL CHEVY.
It was with joy that Mikey did hear the words of the LORD one early sunday morning during the airshift of Mikey when Mikey did speak to the Midnight shift masses of Lapeer County after "Howard Hoefliens, Saturday Night, Ride to Midnight"
The Radio Station that Mikey did offer his tribulation to was Adult Contemporary in nature. This caused Mikey to fall into the Abyss of Moutain Dew Addiction to keep his words and actions sharp while the on-air music and lyrics were dull and listless.
A call came in during the 3rd playing of a Phil Collins tune in the first hour of Mikey's shift. In this case, "Tonight Tonight Tonight" from Genesis, though still Phil Collins by default.
Mikey did answer the phone. The listener did speak.
"Wow, you sure have a sexy voice, what is your name." Mikey noted the voice sounded female.
Mikey did reply.
"Don't I say it 10 times an hour, isn't this a radio station?"
The listener did advise, "I wanted to be sure, a lot of people use different names, when they are on the air"
Mikey began to fall asleep as the 7 eleven bought Mountain was losing it insomniac powers, "Really, that's amazing, is there anything I can play for you?"
The caller got down to business, "Yes, I'd like to hear some Phil Collins, maybe Sussudio? and do you want to come to my house after work to have sex?"
At this moment, The voice of the LORD could be heard.
Mikey did gracefully advise the caller that an Emergency Broadcast situation had presented itself and she should turn on her tv. Mikey did hang up the phone.
Mikey did finish his shift, playing such sleepless classics as Taylor Dayne's "Love will lead you back", Bruce Willis' version of "On the Boardwalk" and Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street". Mikey then put in his two week notice and made plans to move to Chicago as the Lord had blessed him with instruction to do.

DoyouBlameme 1:1

Mikey had reflected on the misery of the masses for 40 days within the desert of El Cajon and San Diego.
These were darkened times.
Misery seemed to be commonplace amongst the masses, take as an example the t shirted wearing gentlemen driving a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria who took it upon himself to pull up next to Mikey in the left turn lane while Mikey did wait in the righteous Through lane awaiting the turning of the light from Red to Green.
The t Shirted man did say, in between beats of his Toby Keith cassette. "I'M GONNA PULL AROUND YOU CAUSE YOU ARE A SLOW POKE. DO YOU HEAR ME, BECAUSE YOU ARE A SLOW POKE!"
Mikey pondered.
In making love to the Wife of Mikey, being a slow poke was always rewarded with mutual satisfaction and appropriate kudos for Mikey.
In investments, slow, even handed decision making had mitigated losses during 1987, 2000 and again in 2007.
In baking, a slow cooked stew, was always better than a microwaved stew.
Yet here, Mikey stood on the brink of bloody conflict due to a similar belief.

Mikey paraphrased scripture after his window did roll down.
"If I've said something wrong, tell me what it is, Why do you strike me with a name like, "Slowpoke"? Isn't that a candy, or something?
The T shirted man did retort, "yeah, well that's what you are and I'm going around you when this light turns green.." Mikey did hear the verses of Toby Keith's "American Soldier" emanating from this crown victoria,which Mikey thought, from the smell of burning oil and sweet burn of anti freeze onto the running engine was less than 100 miles from a significant breakdown.
As the T shirted man would carry much tribulation in the days to come from this forthcoming breakdown, Mikey did give his blessing.
"Go in peace when the light turns green, but speak the word 'slowpoke' no more."

The light did turn green, and the tshirted man did go to his waiting fate.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Redemption of Mikey 1:3

Upon the path of enlightenment, Like the stretch of I-75 in Detroit that leads you from Wyandotte to I-696, or the mystic wonder that is the approach to any of the tunnels surrounding and within Pittsburgh's road system.
You will find many craters in the road that will task your suspension. your physical body and your gas mileage.
Some of these will be large enough to swallow you, if you do not see them coming.
Yet the testimony of Mikey and the testimony he gives of the true light will show that each and every hole is useful. Every crater reveals lessons about yourself. Every broken shock absorber a better path and a better tactic to take.
Every lost mile from your gasoline, a better method.
Mikey has always been an odd nut, sometimes by his genetic programming, other times by choice(as this was always entertaining to Mikey).
For years, Mikey was late to arrive to events, employment, cups of coffee, whatever it might be.
Mikey had viewed his righteous father sing many curse words such as, "Mother Scratching Cunt" and "You little Hoooor" while leaving for work screaming about he would have to speed to make it on time.
Mikey saw this as the way. And so it was for Mikey.
Mikey looked upon the many speeding tickets received by his father by troopers in training(who knew The Dad of Mikey by Name) as a badge of the righteousness carried by his father and a level of purpose to which he should strive.(more on the demonic horde of the Lapeer City Police force in the book of Jefferson).
Hurricane Francis would finally reset this faulty wiring and change the alternator within the brain of Mikey.
Mikey,within his mathematic genius, had calculated the exact time it took to travel from his bed within his slave quarters both by foot and by 8 cylinder Chevrolet Caprice to his desk and beginning work. Mikey had done this to protect himself from the Two Time Nazis employed at his work to spot his lateness. Additonal calculations were made to allow for apporpriate mental retardation and slowness of Starbucks Baristas to serve the pre-requisite Sugar Free Vanilla Latte.
This time calculation was 41 minutes. and it was blissful in its flawlessness.
On a September afternoon, Mikey made a left turn onto Route 8 heading south.
Also turning left, just ahead of Mikey, an 18 wheel semi truck with empty trailer.
There are two lanes heading south on Route 8, Mikey in the right hand lane, the truck in the left hand lane.
The rain of Hurricane Francis was soft and steady, and made Mikey feel as if he were a tomato plant being watered by Hose in April,
The truck took this moment of serendipity to turn right, right in front of Mikey.
Mikey did attempt evasive action, the kind familiar to fans of Star Trek.
Mikey attempted to go into a ditch to avoid what appeared to be approaching doom as the truck continued to turn in front of Mikey.
One problem, no ditch. Just a raised hill, upon which Mikey and his caprice did glide.
The moistened brakes did slow the descent to destruction and did prolong the suspense of what was to happen. Much like a slow motion fight scene, Mikey did clearly see the turning trailer approaching him, and his Caprice was too tall to go under the trailer safely.
Fortunately for Mikey, the truck did stop and did not flatten Mikey into a Potato Pancake from the Potato Head of Mikey.
Shocked to the core, Mikey did crawl out of the car to the amazement of stupified onlookers(three of which would give witness for Mikey to get his car and Cervical area repaired by the Insurance company of the truck).
Mikey was bleeding lightly from many areas, but did take his LG-7000 camera/video phone to document this offense against him and his caprice.
At the completion of the documentation, rising pain in tendons and bones did take away the uprightness of Mikey and he did fall.
While on the ground and during the placement of Mikey upon an Ambulance gurney, the true light that shines onto all of us did shine upon Mikey. Its gift was hope and wisdom, but not relief from the pain.
"If I had given myself more time to travel, more time to get my coffee, and more time to arrive at work, I would not be here. I would not have crossed the path of this truck and the truck would not have attempted to snuff me out. This excruciating pain in my Cervical and Lumbar area would not be afflicting me."
Mikey has never been late for ANY occassion since.
The blood pressure of Mikey has also been lessened.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Revelation of Mikey 3:1

While walking past a Starbucks, as was often Mikey's way, Mikey did become aware of waving writings on the surface of a green umbrella covered table. These writings were tied with a bow.
as if to be a gift.
Mikey did read.

Ode to a fat fuck:

Fat Fuck Fat Fuck, how long will you grumble.
Sugar, red meat and butter are what always make you stumble.

You've gone from 3XL to XL but calories you pack.
Without a plan and a focus your pecs will soon be a rack.

Fat Fuck Fat Fuck, so much you do bitch.
You can't take off what you've put on by flicking a switch

Whine, piss, moan and complain.
Try diet after diet as if you were sane.

Buy a tall shirt, believe its because you're tall
And your gut will always remain your wall.

Pick those big boat feet of the ground, and take a new step.
and focus on action instead of pounds that you've kept.

You've been like an island and your hope has done bled.
in the end, its only your yap and denial you've fed.

Find a team, start the scheme, and read this again.
when what you want to look like now, is what you look like then.

Mikey did re wrap the poem and sat it down on the table. Mikey's tummy did rumbly but the words rang true and therefore the words did have purpose.
Mikey took his Whipped Cream Frappacino and threw it directly into the nearby Subway station.

Upon being told Mikey would have to clean this up, Mikey did run.