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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wisdom of Mikey 1:1

The tree to the fruit.

If you're like me, at all, you've had moments where a personality trait, tick, idiosyncracy, or habit continues to exist in your day to day affairs, although you've moved strongly against it.(both premptively and actively). You've read the books on how to change the tick, trait or habit, you've spun the discs, you've attended the seminars. AND STILL you reek of consistency.

Whilst railing against the thought forsaken man for the 644,333rd time after the thought-forsaken man had once again exhibited punbjab mediocrity regarding a relevant issue, like, making a clear decision that others could understand. Mikey was blessed with a moment of clarity priority mail from he that sent Mikey.

Your mother and father hated those they worked for, they told you how much they hated those they worked for, their parents hated those they worked for, and so on, and so on.

In fact, The skull of mikey did shine with blissful clarity as the sun did bounce off of it when Mikey did understand his entire childhood and formative years were spent listening to the grumblings of those who hate their keepers.

From the rule of Saint Benedict: Chapter 7
Holy Scripture, brethren, cries out to us, saying,"Everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled,and he who humbles himself shall be exalted" (Luke 14:11).In saying this it shows usthat all exaltation is a kind of pride,against which the Prophet proves himself to be on guardwhen he says,"Lord, my heart is not exalted,nor are mine eyes lifted up;neither have I walked in great matters,nor in wonders above me."But how has he acted?"Rather have I been of humble mindthan exalting myself;as a weaned child on its mother's breast,so You solace my soul" (Ps. 13[14]0[131][131]:1-2).

Mikey was blessed with the realization that he had exalted himself thinking that his parents had given him all he needed, and relied upon this knowledge with little regard for the unknown.

Mikey was also blessed with the thankfulness of that which had been given to him by his parents.

Mikey did pick up his roots and move to more fertile soil, nonetheless.


Blogger Bob Gardner said...

Mikey should be named the commish of the more taste league, to make true that gutteral utterance, 'the commish is wise.'

12:29 PM  

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