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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Bitterness of Mikey 1:3

A letter from Mikey to Eric The Glum, carbon copied to the Michiganders.
For years I have railed against the Catholic Church, like a blue tail fly slapping his wings against the window of the vatican in the hopes someone might open a window and I could fly inside to buzz about.
And yet, I have always been Catholic. Even During the dark times, and the coming of he whose name shall not be spoken.
I have always sat in the cathedral, genuflected, known this is what I was.
Still I buzzed about, The complaining always continuing about the same dried out topics.
The Catholic Church won't allow Female Priests.
The Catholic Church charged me to listen to a priest about how to stay married.
The Catholic Church would use my sunday worship to complain about finances than hearing the word.
The Catholic Church wouldn't give Henry VII or Martin Luther a break, and so there are far less Catholics.
The Catholic Church gave my parents the kool aid that I needed to be banished to 13 years of CCD where each question offered was met with, "Sit down and stop causing trouble."
Still, there was a first step, a true first step that allowed my spirit to war against what it already knew was right for it. An initial distraction away from peace to confusion.
In reading Matthew 16:19 where it is written Peter receives the keys to heaven.
I am reminded why 13 years of CCD was not all bad, how it caused me to think, and in even in rebellion learn how to play basic piano that I might play the University of Michigan Fight song on the Church pipe organ.
Soon after this I was cast out into the darkness. though the light I carried was never fully put out.
I am struck by the first move away. The first step to confusion.
In the 10th year of CCD, there was a particularly cute Methodist whom I sought favor with.
Not as a manly conquest, for she was too high strung, but as a political ally within the Roman Senate that is high school.
Many times did I laugh at her lament, "You Catholics just don't like anybody, and so, nobody really likes you."
This ate away at my resolve and dimmed the light of truth within me as I was a social pragmatist at the time. My Church is holding me back from social blessing? Its time for a rest from this.
This led to an aimless drift. My Methodist friend had her focus, I had let mine slip away to impress my social circle and this chick.
Worse, I carried bitterness against the Church for my own choice.
I reject this path, and accept the Church at is core completely and utterly.
May peace be with you Eric the Glum and may the cluleless of Michigan recognize peace when it does arrive for each of them.