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This is the evolution of Mikey as created by the blessing of God. Witness shall be given to those gifts given by god during the course of this evolution. All praise to god.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Redemption of Mikey 1:2

The voices of the fools Banky and Tricky rattle in the frontal lobe of Mikey like the bite of the drill bit of a Spinal Tap.
The equilibrium of peace and harmony carried by Mikey is shaken to the core as the two fools continue the relentless droning and blather about booze, dogs, unemployment, and dopey husbands that has chipped away at Mikey's blessed equilibrium for 4 and one half moons.
"How shall I school them?" thought Mikey.
Didn't the stupid and the willingly foolish require harsh schooling, the exact kind of verbal destruction that emanates from the righteousness of Mikey.
IS this not one of the true gifts of Mikey?
Still the fools rambled on, spattering their mindless drivel with sychophant cackling: Banky, like that 300+ pound lass that works the midnight shift at the Gas and Go always moving way too slow and never shaves off all of the facial hair from her drunken mug.
Try as she might.
The cackle of Tricky was more like a drunken, epileptic Betty Rubble. Tricky Cackles on every fourth or fifth syllable for reasons that were her own and are the stupefication of others.
Mikey chose mockery by example in hopes of illuminating these special cretins of just how annoying they are. Intermittently, as each of these two boobs(or in these two chicks case, four)would unfurl each unique cackle, Mikey would up the volume, extend the length of cackle and deliver a perfect imitation in the direction of each dope.
This Mockery also helped to loosen the pressure of the magma flow within the melon of Mikey.
The white trash ignoramus Tricky and Truck Stop attendent Banky stood dumbfounded and silent. Banky did manage a glorious epithet, "Whatever." spoke the wannabe Sunoco Clerk.
The grin of spiritual peace briefly settled with Mikey and the volcanic Sarcasm that brewed beneath the shifting techtonic plates within the skull of Mikey were stilled.
Mikey knew that Sarcasm was the bitter cousin of anger but Mikey gave this fact little note.
As the watch of Mikey ticked off the quiet and calm, 2 minutes and 34 seconds passed before the two moronic sisters began their blabber once again. This time on the world changing subject of how best to cook a hamburger and what percentage of fat in ground meat was the best tasting and whom to root for on Big Brother 6.
Mikey took the rock to the hole; after every third word, Mikey did laugh like a Hyena and for a mightien and mightier length of time, in the style of Charles De Mar..
Surely, Mikey thought, this example will lead them to peace and shut the both of them the hell up.
And silence did lie with both Truck driving Mama Banky and Bingo Queen Tricky...for just a little more than a minute, then the blathering did recommence.
Mikey did feel staple of fire and suffering shoot from lobe to lobe in his brain as this inane, pedantic crap rattled all about and through the mighty melon of Mikey.
Mikey neared the precipice of despair.
Was Mikey cursed to suffer while seeing with these two fools?
The Dhamma said it best when it said, "Association with the foolish is ever painful as with a foe"
Mikey did remind himself of this and the hope to one day wear the yellow robe.
And in that blissful moment, Mikey Knew.
Only the fool can admit foolishness and be wise. Would Mikey take a dump next to the cat who just pooped on his shoes?
Mikey knew he would pet the cat, toss it a ball to amuse itself, and move on.
and so Mikey did.