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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Whining of Mikey 1:1

Often, in those early times, Mikey would carry the bliss of peace and the tshirt that said so plainly.
"I don't whine"
Sadly, unearthed from the basement of the local order of the Mikey Knights Templar, is the gospel that dispels the tshirt.
Mikey did whine, and whine a lot prior to enlightenment.
Remember, as Mikey tells us, Each of us are not born from the womb as genius, but like the "Hello Kitty" jigsaw puzzles we are, we accumulate bits and pieces until the 100 piece picture is finished.
The following loose translation from Aramaic is startling in its reference to modern topics. It is estimated these passages come after the exodus from Michigan and just after the completion of the journey to the hills of Monroeville:

A letter to Eric The Elder upon the passing of Michigan misery and the embracing of the coming joy.

What the hell is the deal with Angelina Jolie. How do you get lips like that without a liftime free rotation offer at the same time.
I'll tell you how kind friend. Because she was built, not born.
She is a plastic surgery frankenstein. And is the failed cosmetic operations of six women from San Diego. These errors were left unattended and when a wayward auto mechanic placed an airhose in the messy lot.
there stood Angelina Jolie.
And not unlike a soap box derby racer in a Cub Scout race, she was shaved and carved by the cosmetic masters into the shapes you see now.
Just don't let her stand out in hot weather without some sort of cooling device. Or down the sewer she will drip until her soul, Like in Wes Craven's "Shocker" uses the sewer system to invade another host through an available orifice.
Avoid ye "Girl Interrupted" if ye can. To watch it is to place your very soul at risk.


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