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This is the evolution of Mikey as created by the blessing of God. Witness shall be given to those gifts given by god during the course of this evolution. All praise to god.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Michigan 1:5

A letter to the people of Michigan transcribed by Eric the Elder from the ancient text of Big Feet Benny, the earliest ancestor of Mikey to leave guiding blessing to the people of Michigan.

To my angry brothers of the tribes of SagginGnawin, DeTruth, and Point To My Sac;

I write to you on this crisp autumn day of Novembre of the year of our lord 632. I write to you though I know that you and your kind cannot read. That your tribes are content to smear blotches of blueberries and sacrificed deer blood on the very living rock and refer to it as communication.

I write to you with the humble prayer that one day your descendents will read, will communicate with words, and will recall the darkest times of this land of Me Bitch Again.

I have coined the name of "Me Bitch Again" because that is all the people here have done since my arrival to bring the word of our lord.

Complaints, Complaints, Complaints: If it isn't, "Why can't the deer just come to front door and die, why do I have to hunt them?", its, "When will the King give me some free deer meat so I don't have to hunt?"
Or perhaps the best yet, "When will someone give me some fire, what ever that is, so I can be warm like those weird friendly people to the north in Can a beer and the south in O Why O Why O."
The word and the Lord are there to bring all of us light. And yet, people of Me Bitch Again, you would wall yourself up in self abuse never letting the light of peace and happiness shine upon you.
May your children and your children's children wakeup and lighten up. The gift of life is too short to waste it waiting for handouts or smearing deer blood on your neighbors Mud Hut.

Think on it. And may you know the blessing of Mikey.


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