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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Revelation of Mikey 1:3

Seek ye the way, and the light shall shine.
Seek ye the lesson, and the problem shall arise.
Seek ye the reason and the cause shall manifest.
Seek ye the positive and peace shall be thine.
Seek ye the negative and the bitching will commence.
And the day came when the weight of the past was overcame with the light of the future. When he chose to burdened no longer with the dumbells of decisions gone to the school for wayward boys.
I have oft found myself in the midst of a 20 piece chicken mcnugget superspecial while spewing diatribes on that which is not. Bitching to hear myself bitch because I was used to that voice. Occasionally attempting a solution to a lesser problem and in finding success to a lesser matter grasping firmer to the dimmer hope that I would one day address a bigger issue instead of continuing the circle of whine.
Through the headlights of the positive mental attitude(as I have learned from the great W. Clement Stone), I find there are two states of mind. There is positive, and there is reality, that which we want and that which is. With both states retaining positive qualities.
This is stark difference to my previous truth, that there is positive and negative, that the mind has all the character of a magnet. That there is good and bad states of mind.
This further reveals that if my previous truth was that there are good and bad states of mind, there had to have been periods, while in a bad state of mind, where I had to believe I, myself, was bad. When, all my state of mind was, was in a state of reality, and I was not aware of what was good.
Finally, I am free. And my potential is mine.


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