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This is the evolution of Mikey as created by the blessing of God. Witness shall be given to those gifts given by god during the course of this evolution. All praise to god.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Revelation of Mikey 2:1

The blessing continued its revelation after much clarity on my immense Melon. Which I don't feel is such a bad thing now.
The blessing revealed many prophesies. Stupefied, I stood.
I felt a summer breeze settle across my mind and my eyes closed, immediately I stood in a room where in a lazy boy recliner sat an elderly gentleman with huge circular glasses and a fluorescent blue and red suit jacket and pants. He wore a t shirt underneath the suit jacket that said, "Detroit Lions, Super Bowl CCLXIX Chamions". This T Shirt brought me gladness heretofore unexperienced. The shiny man handed me a newspaper, the date on the paper was March 4th, 2234. I read and saw.
IN the years to come:
A mild sedative gas will be packaged in spray can form. Like "Febreze" is now. Only this product will bring peace and quiet into your life when you spray it.
Noisy, whiny cat that has to be fed, again, at 4:36 am? Just spray, "SleepEze" on said cat and peace will return.
An entire first grade class that just won't shut up? Try the SleepEze fogger, which, like roach killer will cover a whole room in moments and bring silence whence before there was only 6 year old anarchy.
The best picture at the Oscars will be "Formica", a three hour odyssey directed by 2433 year old Clint Eastwood featuring the spiritual journey of a Nepalese man who wishes to renovate his bathroom.
War will ravage the divided peoples of West Virginia and Virginia, an immense wall will be built around the entire perimiter of Virginia to defend its borders against the saxon hordes of West Virginia. Sadly, the people of Virginia will die of Emphysema as Virginia's governor will forget to build doors in the wall and with Cigarettes as the only sustenence, the entire population will chain smoke themselves to the grave.
Seeing this tragedy, the horrific struggle between North and South Dakota will be settled and the two fiefdoms will secede from the American Empire and unify under the single nationstate, "YaHeyDere".
George Bush the LongShanks will bomb the beejeezubs out of the new nationstate for this treason and the anihlated nationstate will turn into a parking lot for the ever expanding Mall of America which now encompasses all of Minnesota and Wisconsin.
THE MALL OF AMERICA, Two states wide and where you can get a prime rib buffet or a trollop of your choice for only $1.99, 24 hours a day.
The blessings continued.,


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