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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Alma Mater of Mikey 1:1

The stage was set, The Alma Mater of Mikey had suffered long and lively to the hands of great hoop teams like Illinois, Xavier, even horrific atrocities like Ferris State, Northville Institute and the University of Michigan in Dearborn back in the cold, damp hole that was the GLIAC conference.
Only a glorious University of Dayton victory would have compared to the exhaltation that shook the core of the land when the 3 point shot fell that sank the tourney hopes of Oral Roberts University and the abherration that is its 900 foot Jesus seeing founder.
In the day, it is written that Mikey was the field announcer for the Alma Mater. Letting all that would be in attendence know when a basket actually sank in the high school gymnasium that substituted for NCAA Division II competition.
The voice of Mikey would boom for the tens in attendence. scamming the dulcet tones of the great Ken Calvert as Mikey would deliver stellar banter like..."Foul on Number 33 Wallace Davis, his first, teams third" or, "Don't forget to attend this saturday afternoons match against the Ferris State Bulldogs, First three people in the door get a box of paperclips."
Then Mikey was birthed into the Lesbian-girlfriend turning, 22% interest, Crap choking car real world in 1991, These tribulation would serve as musical fodder for the great composers of the time;Beck Hanson, New Kids on the Block, Pearl Jam and Biz Markie.....
The Alma Mater would be birthed into the harsh real world in 1996 when they tore down that HighSchool Gymnasium and built a real field house and joined the MCC conference and Division I NCAA ball.
Sure, The Alma Mater is in the dance at 12 and 18. Worst losing record ever to make it to the tournament.
And they will be eviscerated in sweetness. probably by Wake Forest as I understand it.
But while I can't bear to roll off a chorus of, "Three Cheers for Wake Forest".
This ascension of the utter beauty that is the mediocrity of this years Golden Grizzly team is luminescent brillant hope for all of humankind and mostly for myself.. There are no more excuses to greatness. Your gifts will deliver your prize.


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i don't know where you came from but praise the mikey gods.

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